We Help Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Generate More Leads and Increase Conversions!
We're Strategic Marketing Advisors. That means we take what you're already doing, add "Integrated Evergreen Content" and watch your profits soar!
What We Do
We help businesses generate more leads and dramatically increase their conversion rate using what's called "Integrated Evergreen Content".

I show you how to create this content once and use it forever to help not only generate more leads but convert more of them into paying customers.

What we do does not interfere or interrupt what you're already doing. But rather it enhances what you're doing by giving you new, unique and proven ways to increase your revenues without doing ANY additional work.

The beauty of what we help you do is once your IEC is created you never have to touch it again and it all works on autopilot!
About Us
Laughlin Marketing is a business growth consultancy that focuses on using effective Digital Marketing strategies to help entrepreneurs and small businesses generate highly targeted leads and convert more of them into paying customers. This is done by using only proven strategies but more importantly using only the one's that make sense and are a good fit for your business. We NEVER try to put a square peg in a round hole. Rather we do a great amount of due diligence from the beginning to identify what will work best for you. This ultimately saves you a ton of time and money. Once we get your Digital Marketing plan dialed-in it is something you can continue in-house so you won't have to pay us forever. That is one of the biggest differentiators we have over out competition. We do NOT believe in holding our clients hostage. 
Drew Laughlin, Business Growth Strategiest
Drew has his MBA with emphasis on management and marketing. He had a very successful corporate career in sales and sales management before pursuing full-time entrepreneurship in 2003. He has been growing businesses and changing lives ever since then!

Jerome Knyszewski

Drew was one of my very first "mentors" in marketing to small businesses on the internet. He changed my life just by the course I bought from him. The rest is history, But drew was part of these 5 most influential marketers I started off with. He is the REAL DEAL and I highly recommend his courses, offers and services.

Greg Chambers

You may know Drew Laughlin as a sales manager extraordinaire, but I know him as the man who saved my life. Truly, Drew is a fantastic sales manager who excels at helping his people get results. What I loved is that Drew got those results with a sense of humor and compassion. The company got results and his people had fun. The saving my life story is for another time. . .
Contact Us
One of the most valuable things we can offer you at this time is a free 40-minute strategy session.

This strategy session is 100% pressure-free and focuses on you and your business. We will explain what we do and then if, and only if it makes sense for us to move forward with one our of marketing plans then great! If not, that's okay too but you'll at least know what is and what is not a good fit for your business when it comes to digital marketing.

Simply click the button below, enter your information and you'll be taken to a page where you can schedule the strategy call at your convenience.
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